Lance J. Dorrel

Brought up on stories and movies of the Old West, I grew up with a passion to learn all I could about the Native American history of the United States. Now, that obsession is my avocation.    No stranger to traveling the American West, I’ve spent time with Native American tribes, learning their customs and ways. Thanks to my research and contacts, I’m able to present history as it has never before been told.  My mission: To look at old things in new ways, informed by oral tradition and written lore.

My Debut Novel

A Dance With Death

An Irish Soldier of Fortune at the Little Bighorn

After a decorated career fighting battles that would become lynchpins of history, Captain Myles Keogh decides his next campaign will be his last. Civilian life – and a love he never dared hope to find – await his safe return.

A few Native American tribes stand stubbornly in the way of a United States eager to heal from civil war and hungry for Black Hills gold. Though the odds are long, one US Cavalry general sees subduing the Indians as a chance to end his career a hero.

Captain Myles Keogh joins this last drive for glory under the banner of that ambitious General… George Armstrong Custer.

A Dance With Death: An Irish Soldier of Fortune at the Little Bighorn is an action-packed, meticulously researched, true-life adventure… that became a legend.

My Next Book

Coming in 2021

Chasing Custer

The Untold Stories of the Native Americans Who Fought and Defeated the Seventh Cavalry at the Battle of the Little Bighorn

When General George Custer and his famous Fighting United States Seventh Cavalry attacked massive Indian village on the banks of the Little Bighorn River on June 25th, 1876, they encountered stiff resistance from a courageous people guided by strong religious and spiritual beliefs fighting with valor for their way of life.

What Custer’s command experienced has been told and documented through interviews and drawings for nearly a hundred and fifty years. In Chasing Custer, author Lance J. Dorrel sheds new light on what happened that day.

Lance Dorrel has spent years in and around the Little Bighorn National Monument Battlefield and the American West. Through research and interviews with descendents and other tribal members whose relatives fought Custer’s troops that day, he has received never-before-shared oral stories featuring new details of known stories. Dorrel applies this new information to the previous evidence, including written accounts from US Army survivors, warriors and Indians who were at the Battle, maps and drawings — even documented archaeological evidence — in an effort to look at old things and interpret the evidence in new ways.

His results give new insight on how the battle at the Little Bighorn played out, including encounters with several different Cheyenne and Sioux warrior societies.

Find out who the warriors were, and how they stopped Custer’s troops that day… how their determined resistance to protect their people ultimately played the decisive role in the defeat the United States Seventh Cavalry.

See where the Great Man — known to white America as Crazy Horse — fought, and who he led in the Battle.

Gain an understanding of just where and what the Sioux war chief Gall and the great Sitting Bull saw and did, plus the remarkable story of courage, honor and sacrifice that was exhibited by the Cheyenne war chief, Lame White Man.

All this, and more, in Chasing Custer: The Untold Stories of the Native Americans Who Fought and Defeated the Seventh Cavalry at the Battle of the Little Bighorn by Lance J. Dorrel (author of A Dance With Death: An Irish Soldier of Fortune at the Little Bighorn), scheduled for release in 2021.

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The West is dead my friend
But writers hold the seed
And what they sow
Will live and grow
Again for those who read

~ Charles M. Russell, 1917